Virtual MISP Summit 0x06 - 21st October 2021

Virtual MISP Summit 0x06 - Thursday 21st October 2021

On Thursday 21st October 2021, the 6th MISP summit will take place online. MISP Project is the leading Open Source Threat Intelligence Platform and in combination with an open standard for threat intelligence. The summit is an opportunity for all developers, contributors and users of the MISP project to share their experiences, learn new use-cases and improve their threat intelligence capabilities.

The objective of the summit is to openly discuss about the current usage of MISP, the future developments and the integration with the overall security ecosystems.


Everyone interested (developers, contributors, users and future users) in the MISP platform and threat intelligence at large is welcome.

The registration to the Virtual MISP Summit is free.


The event will take place online from 14:00 CET until 18:00 (21st October 2021).

The MISP summit event will be streamed live on YouTube. You will able to ask question(s) or make comment live.


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Call for papers is closed

If you want to talk, present and share your experience, you can submit one or more talks of 10 minutes sharing your contribution, experience, integration of MISP in your use-cases. We also welcome other open source tools who use MISP and share their integration details.

Propose and submit your talk