MISP Documentation and Support

MISP Documentation

The MISP documentation is maintained in the misp-book project. The documentation is in git book format and we welcome contribution.

The MISP documentation is available in HTML format, PDF, Kindle Mobi format and EPUB.

MISP Install guides (stock install instructions for getting a base MISP system running) are available at https://misp.github.io/MISP/.

MISP galaxy, objects and taxonomies documentation

MISP training materials

All MISP training materials (including source code) are available at https://github.com/MISP/misp-training.

MISP training materials are available on.

MISP video trainings

MISP Training Threat Intelligence Introduction for Analysts and Security Professional
MISP Training Administration and Deployment of MISP software
MISP Workflows

MISP format documentation

MISP formats are described in specification document based on the current implementation of MISP core and PyMISP. These specifications are available for other developers willing to develop their own tools or software supporting the MISP format.


MISP API OpenAPI spec available is here.

Community Support

If you have any issues with MISP core software, the issue tracking of MISP is handled in GitHub.

If the issue is related to one of the MISP software or data models, please open an issue in the respective issue tracker of the GitHub repository.

You are also welcome on the MISP gitter chats: