MISP Commercial Support

MISP Commercial Support is an overview of entities providing support for MISP.

MISP Professional Services (MSP)

MISP project also provides MISP Professional Services (MSP) if you want to directly support the MISP project and ensure its sustainability.

Trusted 3rd party providers

In complement, the following MISP Commercial Support is available from external trusted commercial partners:

Name Type of support Further details Region
cudeso.be Remote and on-site https://www.cudeso.be/misp.html Europe
- Hosting, installation and configuration
- Development and integration in your IT environment
- Threat feed integrations
- Best practices threat intelligence
- Training and consultancy
xameco.be Remote and on-site https://xameco.be/ Europe
- Architecture
- Installation, maintenance
- Integration/automation
- Training
eCrimeLabs ApS Remote https://www.ecrimelabs.com/hosted-and-managed-misp Europe
- Fully Managed and Hosted MISP
- SOAR implementation Architecture
- Integration/automation
- Consulting

Don’t hesitate to reach us if you want to be reviewed and added to the list. The selection criterias include existing open source contributions to MISP project.